Aegviidu-Kõrvemaa Recreation Area

Aegviidu–Kõrvemaa Recreation Area extends from Tallinn–St.Petersburg road to Tallinn–Tartu road. The recreation area involves the territories of several protection areas and in addition to forests there are also mires and bogs, lakes, eskers and valleys. It is a perfect area for nature recreation in every season – for hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, training or just walking. Well-equipped campsites and campfire sites welcome everyone to rest and have a picnic. The area provides ample opportunities for nature photographers, bird and animal watchers and those interested in picking mushrooms and berries.

Harju and Järva County
Unpopulated and intact nature, great hiking opportunities
Hiking, cycling, cross-country skiing, camping, picnicking, picking berries and mushrooms, nature photography, bird and animal watching
RMK Aegviidu Nature Centre and information point

Phone: +372 604 7212


Address: Jaama 7, Aegviidu, 74501 Harju County
Protected Area Manager Harju-Järva-Rapla region, Environmental Board of Estonia


Campfire site Krani campfire site with camping area, Kurisoo campfire site, Kulli campfire site with camping area, Oru campfire site, Noku campfire site, Mägede campfire sites, Kalajärve campfire site, Matsimäe quarry campfire site, Paunküla campfire site, Napu campfire site, Rava campfire site, Tamme campfire site
Campsite Nikerjärve campsite, Venemäe campsite, Jussi campsite, Paukjärve campsite, Järvi Pärnjärve campsite, Järvi Pikkjärve campsite, Matsimäe Pühajärve campsite, Hiieveski campsite
Hiking trail Paunküla hills hiking trails (total length 12 km), Liiapeksi-Aegviidu hiking trail (32 km), RMK Hiking Route Oandu-Aegviidu-Ikla / Kalmeoja - Aegviidu (38 km), RMK Hiking Route Oandu-Aegviidu-Ikla / Aegviidu - Hirvelaane (68 km), RMK hiking route Peraküla-Aegviidu-Ähijärve / Alavere - Aegviidu (32 km), RMK hiking route Peraküla-Aegviidu-Ähijärve / Aegviidu-Oostriku (107 km)
Information point Aegviidu information point
Nature Centre Aegviidu Nature Centre
Nature House Simisalu Nature House
Off-road trail Aru off-road area, Mustjõe off-road area
Other Koersilla parking area, Kaksiksilla parking area
Study trail Simisalu-Matsimäe nature trail (7.5 km), Tammsaare - Järva-Madise nature trail (5 km), Kakerdaja nature trail (8 km), Sõõriksoo nature trail (1.5 km), Uuejärve nature trail (6 km), Jussi nature trail (8 km), Paukjärve nature trail (5 km)