RMK hiking route Peraküla-Aegviidu-Ähijärve / Aegviidu-Oostriku (107 km)

This part of the route starts from the yard of Aegviidu Visitor Centre and meanders its first 30 kilometres in the same track with the Oandu-Ikla hiking route. On Matsimäe esker, the trails branch at the hiking hotel "Rabav", where the Ähijärve direction turns south.
The trail goes over the Seli bog to Simisalu, thereafter to Vargamäe and then over the Kodru bog to Järva-Madise. Here the classic nature hiking ends for some time, as the trail winds through Järva county mainly along roads that are mostly lined with fields and grasslands.
Among larger places on the trail there are Järva-Madise, Aravete, Järva-Jaani and Koeru, where hikers can restock their supplies, enjoy civilization or even end or start their journey.
The route runs through Koeru along its main street and then, outside the borough, goes towards the Norra springs area. The trail goes along a gravel road to the western part of the Endla Nature Reserve.
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E-mail info.aegviidu@rmk.ee
Type of objectHiking trail
Parking facilities Aegviidu Visitor Centre is suitable for long-term parking.
Parking for 2-3 cars is available at each campfire site.
Amenities The trail is marked with signposts and white-green-white paint markings.
The rest stops on the trail and distances between them:
Camping facilities yes
Outdoor fireplace yes
Campfire site yes
Water Drinking water is available from Aegviidu Visitor Centre during its opening hours, from the well at Simisalu Nature House. Non-potable water can be taken from the lake at Matsimäe quarry, the Jägala river, Lake Rava.
Hiking options yes
Additional informationThe hiking trail is not kept clear of snow.
Before going on a nature walk please read the Environmental code of conduct (freedom to roam), rules of conduct and waste-sorting policy
RestrictionsThe restrictions of Kõrvemaa Landscape Reserve must be observed. All along the hiking route one should not forget that camping and making a fire is allowed only at places prepared for those purposes.