Wild boar


Strongly built, resembling the domestic pig, body is slightly flattened laterally. Large head, short sturdy legs. Coat is dark, of stiff bristles, strong-smelling. Males have upward-bent tusks. Traces of activity include the strong smell and the ground grubbed up in search of food, possibly with turf removed to a large extent; also wallowing and bathing sites and rubbing trees.


Deciduous and mixed forests. Often near water-bodies and moist biotopes. Can successfully manage in cultural landscape, if good sheltering sites are nearby. The nest is in a low hollow or in a pile of dry leaves and twigs, often in a sunny place.


Trunk length up to 170 cm in sows, 205 cm in males, tail length 16-30 cm, shoulder height up to 95 cm in sows, up to 120 cm in males, body weight of males up to 250 kg, sows up to 125 kg, weight at birth about 1.1 kg.