• Features

Long-legged strongly built wildcat. Lynx's coat colour varies from yellowish brown in summer to a paler tone in winter. Densely spotted on legs, more sparsely on the back. Tail is short, with a wide black end. About 5 cm hair tufts on the tips of ears. Footprints showing four toes, no claw prints, are round, about 10 cm long, and their contour is unclear due to hairy soles. Often leaves scratches on tree trunks from sharpening claws.

  • Habitat

Mature and varied coniferous or mixed forest with dense undergrowth. Old clear-cut areas, bogs, rarely in cultural landscapes, often in the vicinity of water-bodies. The lynx's den is in the forest in places that are hard to access, between tree roots, also in caves, badger holes, thickets or under cliff edges. The den is usually lined with the feathers and skin patches of prey animals and dried grasses.

  • Size

Trunk length 80-130 cm, tail length 11-25 cm, shoulder height 60-75 cm, body weight 18-25 kg.