• Features

Fur colour is usually deep reddish brown, varying from sandy beige to yellowish red. Prick, pointed ears with black rear side. Long, thick and bushy tail; some individuals, regardless of gender, have a strikingly white tip of tail, most have at least some white hair on the tip of tail. Narrow muzzle is white on upper lip; many have a brown or black "teardrop patch" on the cheek, most have a white throat and chest. The tracks of a fox trotting in the snow run in a straight line.

  • Habitat

Preferably bushes, varied landscapes with forests and farmland; numerous populations also live in heathland and mountains. Their den is in a burrow dug by the fox itself or expanded from a rabbit or badger hole. Burrows may be in hill slopes or hollows between rocks, in ditch banks or in sheltered places in the garden.

  • Size

Trunk length 58-90 cm, tail length 32-48 cm, shoulder height 35-40 cm, body weight 6-10 kg, in exceptional cases 15 kg.