Brown bear

  • Features

Huge, strongly built, with small round ears, no visible tail. Usually brown, some individuals may vary from light greyish yellow to black. The rear footprints of adult bear are highly characteristic, about the same size as man's, but wider and with significant claw prints, 27-30 cm in length. Traces of bear activity include digging marks; when the bear has looked for food near ant or bee and wasp nests, the territory is marked with scratches on tree trunks.

  • Habitat

Large forest masses; in open landscape areas the bear needs some vegetation that provides shelter during the daytime. Usually in remote, not easily accessible forests. Hibernates in a protected recess or cave, which is lined with twigs, moss and other dry plant material.

  • Size

Trunk length 150-280 cm, tail length 6-21 cm, shoulder height 90-150 cm, body weight 100-315 kg (male), 60-200 kg (female).