• Features

A wolf is very similar to the big so-called "wolfhound". Compared to a dog, a wolf has a more massive chest and neck and stronger legs. A wolf is also characterized by a large head with slightly forward triangular ears. A wolf keeps its tail in the same line with the back or the tail lowered, with the tip of the tail being raised. Fur is gray to grayish-yellowish brown. The cheek hair is fluffy.

  • Habitat

The Estonian wolves live in forest, but in general they also live in forest-free areas: in tundra, steppe, semi-desert. Wolf chooses areas that are not densely populated by human. Home is often bog islands.

  • Dimensions

Body length 90-150 cm, tail length 30-50 cm, hind paw length 20-26.5 cm, shoulder height 65-80 cm. Condylobasal length approx. 21-28 cm. Body weight males 20-60 kg, females 18-50 kg.