Tartu-Jõgeva Recreation Area

The RMK recreation area is situated in the counties of Tartu and Jõgeva.  In the vicinity of Tartu you can enjoy a pleasant waterfront holiday on Lake Pangodi and get acquainted with bird life in the vicinity of Ilmatsalu. The Saare and Kaiu lakes area in Jõgeva County is especially suitable for a weekend holiday with its varied landscape, lakes and pine forests rich in berries and mushrooms. Elistvere Animal Park in beautiful Vooremaa is definitely worth a visit, it offers an opportunity to get to know the life of wild animals. The thoroughly reconstructed former Elistvere store building now houses both the renovated entrance to the Elistvere Animal Park and the Elistvere Visitor Center, which organizes nature education activities. The extent of the recreation area and the abundance of sites offer the joy of discovery to every nature lover. Nature and cycling trails connect the various resorts and attractions.
Since May 2019 Alatskivi hiking trail is managed by Peipsiääre Municipality (+372 730 2370, vald@peipsivald.ee).

LocationJõgeva County, Tartu County
AttractionsOut-of-town forest, the versatile terrain of Kaiu and Saare kames and the Vooremaa drumlins, bodies of water of rich biodiversity and forests full of wild berries and mushrooms, Elistvere manor parks, Elistvere Animal Park.
ActivitiesHiking and cycling, picnicking, camping, fishing, picking wild berries and mushrooms, nature education, visiting the animal park
InformationRMK Elistvere Visitor Centre
+372 676 7030
Contact us
Elistvere village, Tartu municipality, 49103 Tartu County
Visitor Management
State Forest Management Centre (RMK)
Protected Area ManagerEnvironmental Board of Estonia
+372 662 5999, info@keskkonnaamet.ee
Additional information
In Estonian nature, old explosive devices left from the war, still can be found. If you have found an object resembling an explosive device, leave it untouched, mark the location and immediately report the discovery to the emergency number 112. More information on the website of the Estonian Rescue Board.


Campfire site Jõemõisa campfire site, Tammeluha campfire site, Lake Kaiu campfire site, Mütsiga männi campfire site, Uuetee campfire site, Kõrgekalda campfire site, Määrumäe campfire site, Kärgandi campfire site, Lagle campfire site, Tiksoja campfire site, Kukeseene campfire site, Kalamehe campfire site, Pangodi campfire site, Papi campfire site, Piiri campfire site, Sihi campfire site, Palumägede campfire site, Tenno campfire site, Elistvere campfire site, Kassinurme campfire site, Hundissaare campfire site, Siimusti campfire site, Tähemaa campfire site, Primeval valley campfire site, Viti campfire site, Lake Umbjärv campfire site, Kotka campfire site, Laululuige campfire site, Rabahane campfire site
Campsite Pangodi campsite, Illi campsite, Jõeharu campsite
Cycling trail Kaiu cycling trail (45 km), Selgise cycling trail (30 km), Koseveski cycling trail (20 km), Tüki cycling trail (7 km)
Forest hut Kukemetsa forest hut
Hiking trail Pikksaare hiking trail (1 km), Palumägede hiking trail (1 km), Tammeluha hiking trail (3 km), Tiksoja hiking trails (1+2 km), Jõemõisa hiking trail (0.5 km), RMK Peraküla-Aegviidu-Ähijärve hiking route / Elistvere-Kantsi (80 km), RMK Peraküla-Aegviidu-Ähijärve hiking route / Oostriku-Elistvere (76 km), Padakõrve hiking trail (3.6 km), Elva river primeval valley hiking trail (15 km), Lake Viti hiking trail (2,5 km), Fairy trail (1,4 km)
Nature Centre Elistvere animal park and visitor centre
Observation Tower Raigastvere observation tower, Viti observation tower, Elistvere study trail’s observation tower (ca 500 m from the parking)
Rest Stop Särgjärve road rest stop, Lake Prossa recreation site, Priistani rest stop
Study trail Lake Saare study trail (3.5 km), Elistvere study trail (2 km)