Visiting restrictions in Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve

Visitors to the nature reserve are expected to have an environmentally friendly way of thinking and to respect the silence here.

  • There are restrictions on movement in the reserve, please observe the signs
  • Bicycles and motor vehicles are permitted on roads only
  • Camping and campfires are permitted in designated sites
  • Take waste away from the area with you
  • Keep dogs on the leash in the nature reserve
  • To organise a public event with more than 30 participants it is necessary to obtain a permit from the manager of the nature reserve (Environmental Board)
  • Motorboats are permitted on the rivers Emajõgi, Elva (Ulila) and Ilmatsalu and, with the written consent of the manager of the nature reserve, on the rivers Pede and Põltsamaa. On other water-bodies within the nature reserve (incl. oxbow lakes of Emajõgi), operating a motorboat is prohibited all the year round.
  • Operating personal watercraft or other recreational watercraft, and hovercraft is prohibited in the whole territory of the water reserve.
  • When boating, take care not to damage the banks of the river
  • Fishing is prohibited within the reserve in the oxbow lakes of the river Suur-Emajõgi from the estuary of the Pedja river to the road bridge at Kärevere – from 1 April to 30 June

Further information on restrictions can be obtained, if necessary, from the Environmental Board (, +372 662 5999).