Viidumäe Nature Reserve

Viidumäe nature conservation area treasures the wildlife, rare species, communities and habitats of the western part of the Saaremaa Island.

AttractionsSpectacular views of the Saaremaa Island from the Rauna observation tower. Wooded grasslands, protected plants, including the endemic Rhinanthus osiliensis, a species of rattle.
InformationRMK Mustjala information point

Phone: +372 457 9737

Contact us: Mustjala, Saaremaa County
Visitor managerRMK
Protected Area ManagerHiiu–Lääne–Saare region, Environmental Board of Estonia
Additional informationViidumäe Nature Reserve was established in 1957 and its total area estimated today is 2,598 hectares. The main objective of the nature reserve is the conservation of rare species, communities and habitats and the overall biodiversity of the area.


Hiking trail Audaku hiking trail (2.8 km)
Observation Tower Rauna rest stop and observation tower
Study trail Viidumäe study trail (1,6 km)