Hiiumaa Recreation Area

We draw your attention and invite you to be careful! On the Kõpu peninsula, above all on the northern coast of Hiiumaa, pollution of a gray sticky substance has been found, which can stain clothes and shoes.

The island of Hiiumaa is one of the most scenic and safe areas in Estonia. Compared to mainland, it offers the visitors peace and quiet. As it is surrounded by the sea, the climate on the island is a little different than elsewhere in Estonia—there is more sunshine and less rain; spring blooms arrive a few weeks later and autumn lasts longer here.
RMK Hiiumaa Recreation Area can be explored in a matter of days. The longest linear distance on the island is 60 km from Sarve to Kõpu. With the short distances and beautiful landscapes, the four parts of the recreation area can be best explored by hiking or cycling. Visitors are welcome to enjoy woodlands of high conservation value with many rare plant species. The flora here is a valuable object of research in the fields of biology, forestry, geology and cultural history.

Hiiu County
AttractionsThe most densely forested area in Estonia
ActivitiesHiking and cycling, beach holiday, picking wild berries and mushrooms, camping, picnicking, guided nature tours
InformationRMK Ristna Visitor Centre
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Kalana village, Hiiumaa municipality, 92212 Hiiu County
Visitor ManagementState Forest Management Centre (RMK)
Protected Area ManagerEnvironmental Board of Estonia
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