Visiting restrictions in Haanja Nature Park

The main objective of Haanja Nature Park is to protect the area lying on the highest accumulative insular heights of Estonia, where landscape protection and the protection of valuable historical and cultural objects, the promotion of recreational opportunities, tourism and local life, and the sustainable use of natural resources is performed in national interests of Estonia.

The territory of the nature park is divided according to the specifics of the protection procedure and the level of limited management into two zones: the special management zone, which has 11 parts, and the limited management zone.

The special management zone of the nature park was established to protect the natural biotic communities that have developed or are developing there. No management activities are allowed in the special management zone.

The limited management zone is the part of the nature park that is used and managed and preserved as cultural heritage landscape, where management activities have to observe the terms and conditions specified in the Nature Conservation Act and the Protection Rules of Haanja Nature Park. The restrictions imposed in the limited management zone allow environmentally friendly management.

Visitors are allowed access to the whole nature park, to pick berries and mushrooms and go fishing there. Roaming on private land shall follow the provisions of the Law of Property Act and Nature Conservation Act.

Camping and campfires are allowed in designated and signposted sites. On private land camping and making campfire is allowed with the consent of the landowner.

Cycling and driving motor vehicles outside paths and roads and parking outside designated roads and parking areas is prohibited, except for research fieldwork, monitoring and rescue works, forestry and agricultural works specified in the protection rules of Haanja Nature Park. The use of water vehicles is allowed in the nature park; while the use of motorised water vehicles is permitted only for monitoring, rescue and research work and on signposted waterways.

In Haanja Nature Park, organising public events with fewer than 250 participants in non-prepared locations is allowed. Organising public events with more than 250 participants in non-prepared locations is permitted only with the consent of the manager of the nature park (Environmental Board).  

In Haanja Nature Park all events with more than 50 participants in locations prepared by RMK and supplied with the infrastructure must be coordinated with the Nature Management Department of RMK.

Events that are held on roads and in other anthropogenic areas do not require coordination. However, it is necessary to obtain the landowner’s consent.

Do not damage the soil, plants, trees while in the wild and do not disturb the inhabitants there – animals and people. Do not leave any waste behind. Please kindly take all waste away with you.

Further information on valid restrictions is available from the Environmental Board, e-mail:, phone: +372 662 5999.