RMK Penijõe-Aegviidu-Kauksi hiking route/Varbola-Aegviidu (132 km)

In Rapla County, the hiking route goes through the Rabivere and Kõnnu bogs that extend between the small towns of Hageri and Hagudi. Both bogs are located in a hollow and bordered by plateaus. Next, the trail runs through Kohila municipality and the Naisteraba bog in Mahtra Nature Reserve to Paunküla hills in Harju County, where hikers can walk up and down the eskers that were formed during the post-glacial period and offer a pleasant change from the flat terrain. After Paunküla, the trail takes the hiker to Aegviidu, where all the three routes of the RMK hiking trail meet.
Viimsi Visitor Centre
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Type of objectHiking trail
AmenitiesThe trail is signposted and marked with white-yellow-white paint marks on trees. Rest stops on the trail and distances between them.
Camping facilities At campsites and campfire sites along the hiking route
Campfire site At campsites and campfire sites along the hiking route
Hiking options RMK Penijõe-Aegviidu-Kauksi hiking route
SightsRabivere and Kõnnu bogs, Paunküla hills
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