RMK Hiking Route Oandu-Aegviidu-Ikla / Kellissaare - Hüpassaare (28 km)

Järva County, Sakala Recreation Area
The section of the Hiking Route from Kellisaare campfire site to Hüpassaare is about 27 km long. At Kellisaare campfire site the hiker can stop, camp and swim. The first major sight is undoubtedly C.R. Jakobson’s family cemetery of (4.5 km from the start) and farm museum at Kurgja (about 6 km from the start), where there is much to see, and also have a meal in the threshing room of the museum. Moving from the Kellissaare fire place in the direction of the C.R. Jakobson Farm Museum, the hiking trail first runs along the Mädara rampart, which is a special landform created during the Ice Age. The first 2-3 km of the trail there are quite steep rises and falls, so beginners should push their bicycle by hand. The mext three kilometres after the hilly forest path you can go to the farm museum along the road. After the museum visit, a relaxing forest path along the Sakala Road hiking trail (12.2 km) follows. The hiking trail can be passed on foot or by bicycle. Motor vehicles are not allowed on the trail. The first stop on the trail is Saeveski forest hut (4 km from Kurgja), where hikers can overnight or have a picnic. If you have more time and are not tired of walking, you can go on the 8.2 km study trail along the banks of the curvy Saarjõgi River. Also the following campfire sites at Kabelimägi hill (0.5 km from Saeveski) and Luite (7 km from Saeveski) offer a recreation site and a camping area for the hiker. After completing the Sakala Road hiking trail, one can also visit the Vanaõue Holiday Centre, where delicious lamb roast can be enjoyed at advance booking. The Hiking Route continues along forest paths, passes the Lepakose rock and crosses the Navesti River. Again we recommend walking or cycling on the trail. Soon the hikers arrive at the gate of Soomaa National Park – Hüpassaare campfire site (17 km from Saeveski, 9 km from the end of the Sakala Road), to one of the most important cultural objects along the trail – the house-museum of composer Mart Saar. There is a camping area at the campfire site and it is possible to walk in Hüpassaare bog on the 4.4 km study trail. To visit the museum, please refer to the opening hours of Mart Saar Museum at the web page of the Viljandi Museum.
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Type of objectHiking trail
Parking facilitiesThere are several parking areas along the Hiking Route. Smaller parking areas are at Kellisaare, Saeveski, Luite. Larger groups can park at Hüpassaare and Kurgja, and if agreed with the owner, at Vanaõue Holiday Centre.
AmenitiesThe rest stops along this section of the Hiking Route and distances:
Along the trail there are also Kabelimägi campfire site with camping area and Maltsaare recreation site.
Camping facilities yes
Outdoor fireplace yes
Campfire site yes
Hiking options yes
Accommodation yes
SightsAttractions along the trail include C. R. Jakobson’s Farm Museum and Mart Saar Museum.
Additional information The hiking trail is not kept clear of snow.
Before going on a nature walk please read the Environmental code of conduct (freedom to roam), rules of conduct and waste-sorting policy
LocationThis section of the Hiking Route runs through three counties – Pärnu, Järva and Viljandi County. Kellisaare, Kurgja and Sakala hiking trails start in Vändra municipality. Saeveski and Kabelimägi start in Türi municipality, Järva County. Luite and Hüpassaare campfire sites are located in Viljandi County.
Driving directionsYou can step on the Hiking Route near C. R. Jakobson’s Farm Museum at Kurgja. Go there along Vändra–Paide road, turn right 13.5 km from Vändra and drive 3.1 km. Alternatively, you can start at the Vanaõue Holiday Centre, at the other end of the Sakala Road, on Suure-Jaani–Vändra road, 16.8 km from Suure-Jaani.