RMK Hiking Route Oandu-Aegviidu-Ikla / Hüpassaare - Kopra (56 km)

Viljandi County, Soomaa National Park
The road section heading south from Hüpassaari is difficult for vehicles to pass from Kibaru village to the border of the Soomaa National Park (the road is very potholed).
The section of the Hiking Route that goes from Hüpassaare campfire site to Pertlimetsa campfire site is approx 56 km long. In Hüpassaare campfire site the hiker can have a longer break, camp, make campfire, walk the study trail and visit the house museum of composer Mart Saar. Hüpassaare is also a gate to Soomaa National Park.
Soomaa National Park has been established for the protection of large bogs, flooded meadows, forests and cultural heritage in the south-western part of Central Estonia. The National Park extends on a 390 sq km area, which is largely untouched by human activity, on the border of Pärnu and Viljandi counties.
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Type of objectHiking trail
Parking facilitiesVehicles can be parked in different parking areas along the hiking route. Small parking areas are Oksa, Kuuraniidu, Mulgi, Lemmjõe, Läti and Pertlimetsa. When coming with a larger company, please park at Hüpassaare and Kõrtsi-Tõramaa.
AmenitiesThe route is marked with signs and kilometre posts.
This section of the trail includes the following stops, with distances:
In addition, there are the Kuuraniidu, Mulgi, Lemmjõgi campfire sites with camping area and Oksa hay barn/forest hut by the route.
Camping facilities yes
Outdoor fireplace yes
Campfire site yes
Hiking options yes
SightsThe sights of interest along the route include the house museum of composer Mart Saar, the old chimney at Oksa, the Läti observation tower and Tipu schoolhouse. Also the Nature Centre of Soomaa National Park is by the Hiking Route. In the Nature Centre it is possible to watch films and exhibitions introducing the Soomaa area.
Additional information Before going on a nature walk please read the Environmental code of conduct (freedom to roam), rules of conduct and waste-sorting policy
RestrictionsIn the territory of the National Park certain restrictions are imposed pursuant to the nature conservation rules. For further information on restrictions see here.
LocationThis section of the Hiking Route is located in two counties – Viljandi and Pärnu County. Hüpassaare study trail, the campfire site of Oksa barn, Kõrtsi-Tõramaa campfire site and Läti campfire site and observation tower are in Viljandi County and Pertlimetsa campfire site in Pärnu County.
Driving directionsThe section of the Hiking Route in Soomaa National Park should be started at Hüpassaare campfire site, accessible from Mudiste–Suure-Jaani–Vändra basic road (Road no. 57) at Kootsi. Accessible also by public transport. Follow the signs to Hüpassaare. Alternatively, you can start the walk at Soomaa Nature Centre.