• Grupi liikmed: 1
  • Start: Oandu, 02.08.2021
  • Finiš: Ikla, 17.08.2021
  • Liikumisviis: Jalgratas
  • Läbitud kilomeetrid: 370 km

Matka kirjeldus:

On the Oandu-Viru section, there is a very fabulous forest, but there are rugged sections for a bike that turned into a whole adventure to overcome them, for example, Oandu-Kalmeoja, Järvi pikkjärve-Aegviidu.

On the Paukjärve-Aegviidu section, after the rains, the roads were washed out, turning into impassable swamps, besides, ascents along sandy roads with protruding wet tree roots. Despite all these obstacles, very picturesque places, with a special atmosphere, characteristic only of these places in Estonia.

Ticks were quite common.
There are no problems on the bike with shops.
I lived for 5 days in Tillniidu, not far from Rapla, waiting for a package, otherwise the trail would have been covered faster.
In Soomaa külastuskeskus and in Kabli, I managed to take a shower. I managed to swim twice in the swamps, once in the lake.
In Soomaa, the compositional communication almost does not catch.

Soovitused teistele matkajatele:

On the Oandu-Viru section, there are two stairs on the cycle route.
I'm posting a vlog-series on YouTube about this trip
with English subtitles: 

Tagasiside RMK-le:

Thank you very much for everything you have done for a good outdoor recreation!


RMK kommentaar:

Anastasia, thank you for sharing your wonderful hiking experience with us!


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